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General admission: 2€
Tickets can be purchased locally at the Atelier-Museu Júlio Pomar or online at the Blueticket website.

Free Admission2:
Vistors aged 12 or under
Lisbon residents aged 13 to 18
Lisbon residents aged 65 or more
Lisbon residents on sundays and holidays from 10am to 1pm
Students on Art History, Fine Art or Architecture courses
Journalists and tourism industry professionals / AICA / ICOM
EGEAC staff
Unemployeds (Lisbon resident)

Visitors aged from 19 to 25 (Lisbon residents): 1€
Visitors aged from 13 to 25 (non residents in Lisbon): 1€
65 anos ou mais (não residente em Lisboa): 1,70€
Disabled person (60% or more): 1,70€ (1 free companion)

Guided Tours1:
with prior booking by email:
Private guided tours (more than 5 participants): 3€
School tours (5/28 students): 2€ per class


1 Tours require prior booking.
2 Proof of age, course or status must be presented for discounts or free admission.


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